In Which A Movie Put Me In a Reading Slump

This month was simultaneously an overwhelming book month and an underwhelming book month. So many new books came out that have been added to my TBR, some anticipated, others that caught my eye on publication day. I started this month off really strong. I read two books almost completely in one sitting each at the … Continue reading In Which A Movie Put Me In a Reading Slump

Lindsey’s October Spooktacular 2017

Happy October, everyone! I'm joining the ranks of about every reader ever and I'm doing a themed TBR this month! All the books I'm going to read are going to be "spooky". Now, I could say horror, but if you know me, you know that I can barely read the summary of a horror novel … Continue reading Lindsey’s October Spooktacular 2017

This Adventure Ends | Review

Hey look, my first review! I'm starting off small, to ease my way into the whole reviewing thing. I was originally going to start off with my review of the Six of Crows duology, but I always have a hard time having a well rounded conversation about books that I completely adore, so I need more time to … Continue reading This Adventure Ends | Review

Unpopular Opinions Tag

Hey everyone, I’m back again with another tag from Booktube - the Unpopular Opinions Tag! Originally posted by TheBookArcher, this tag’s all about well...unpopular opinions. If you’re interested in the original video you can find that here. I’m going to lead this post with a disclaimer:  I’m not trying to offend people, these are my … Continue reading Unpopular Opinions Tag