Unpopular Opinions Tag

Hey everyone, I’m back again with another tag from Booktube - the Unpopular Opinions Tag! Originally posted by TheBookArcher, this tag’s all about well...unpopular opinions. If you’re interested in the original video you can find that here. I’m going to lead this post with a disclaimer:  I’m not trying to offend people, these are my … Continue reading Unpopular Opinions Tag

Brushing The Dust Off

Hello? Helllooo? Oh hi. Sorry, I was testing the echo on this thing, because...well this blog has been empty for quite awhile. Ha...ha. Oops? Well, it's been around a year since I started this blog as justtheworkingtitle, and it's been around a year since I've put anything of importance on this blog. In hindsight, I … Continue reading Brushing The Dust Off