Trying Something…New.

I talked about my reading slump in my June Wrap Up, and it’s safe to say that I’m far from out of said slump (the last time I read was July 1st…and I’m writing this on July 14th). These past two-ish weeks, I’ve been trying to figure out the real reason why I haven’t been reading all the books I said I wanted to, and I think it’s because I’m losing focus. My first full summer in Los Angeles has been a doozy, with temperatures up to 114 on some days, focusing on anything in this heat has been almost impossible, which I believe is the route of my issues. I can’t focus on books I picked up.

So I got an idea.

You’ve all heard people talk about how contemporaries are perfect for summer, and I agree. I love reading young adult contemporary romances over the summer because they’re usually fast reads, since there isn’t any world building necessary (I read Alex, Approximately by Jenn Bennett two times in two weeks last summer). But then I started thinking about other genres I thought would be good for over the summer, which gave me the idea of how I was going to choose books this month. I won’t.

Which is the dramatic way of saying, I’m leaving this month open ended. Instead of picking books, I’m going to pick genres. Since I’ve been having a hard time focusing, picking a handful of books to try and get through this month won’t get me anywhere and I’ll most likely avoid reading all together. So just having some options based on genres seems like the best way to go about July and August. There’s a stack of books on my bookcase that I want to read eventually, and that pile gave me the inspiration for this TBR, so let’s get into it:


The most obvious of choices, as I said before, I love reading YA romance novels over the summer because sometimes all you need to get through 100 degree days is a cute and fluffy romance. Also, after reading Alex, Approximately, I’ve decided I need to read all of Jenn Bennett’s books, and her newest one came out earlier this year, so I’ve got those to look forward to. Some of the contemporaries I’m looking to pick up are:



Thrillers go so fast for me because I refuse to put the book down until I know all the answers (sometimes going as far as reading the last chapter first – look I’m a monster, I know). And while yes, I enjoy reading spooky stories in October, summertime is for more murder/mystery based stories. Give me supernatural stuff on Halloween, I want to be a detective while I’m sitting in front of my fan in my room! Neverworld Wake is one of my top choices for this month – it’s technically a scifi mystery, but still – but down below are the top four thrillers I want to read this month:


Short Form
Short Story Anthologies, etc

Of course, for a month that I can’t focus, short stories and other short form novels are a great choice. This almost wasn’t a section because I only had Mad Hatters and March Hares for this, but then I remembered that Six Stories is formatted as six episodes of a podcast, so it could be considered a short form piece. These are two books I was really excited to get to so hopefully I can get these started sometime soon!



The books shown in this post are just a sample of the books I’d like to read in both July and August, but I’m looking forward to getting back on track this month! What are you guys reading this month? What are your favorite summer reads? Let me know in the comments!

And if you want a more regular update about what I’m reading check out my instagram or goodreads pages!

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